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Refinance Cashback - Finding a better rate for you at SC Brokers

Would you like to consolidate your debts to make managing what you owe easier?

Or Pay off your home sooner with a more user-friendly loan? 

Or Perhaps you’re finally ready to turn that ‘renovator’s delight’ into the head turner it deserves to be. 

Whatever your refinance cashback needs, SC Brokers will get you there.

The process of refinance cashback a mortgage involves paying off the existing mortgage and replacing it with a new one.

There are several reasons why you should refinancing cashback, including:

  • obtaining a lower interest rate

  • decrease the term of the mortgage

  • changing between fixed and variable mortgages

  • consolidating debt

  • raising funds to finance a large purchase, financial emergency or renovation

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Here are a few steps to Refinance Cashback your loans:

Step 1 - Knowing why you should refinance cashback

It is very important that you know the key reasons when refinancing. As part of the responsible lending scheme, brokers/banks has the responsibiliy to give you the best advice possible. 

Step 2 - Understand the costs involved

Some lenders will incur an excessive amount of exit/discharge fees. It may not be worth well to refinance if the exit fees are more than what you can save. However, if your aim is to increase borrowing or other reasons such as services, then all factors should be considered together. 

Step 3 - Complete a valuation upfront

Before you lodge any applications for refinancing, your broker/banker should always complete a valuation upfront so that you know how much the property is worth and how much equity is available. The last thing that you want to see is that the valuation came in short and you have to tip in money to complete the refinance cashback.

Step 4 - Prepare documents for loan submission

The new lender/bank will want to see your repayment histories, so no late payments are a key factor here. 

  • 6 months of loan statement for the mortgage to be refinanced

  • 3 months of the personal loan,credit cards, and other debts other than mortgage to be consolidated

  • Income documents such as payslips and tax returns

Step 5 - Compare lenders

When all factors are considered, please ask your broker to provide a few options between different banks/lenders. Remember to compare not just rates and fees, but also the valuation of the property if you are looking for additional borrowing. 

Step 6 - Lodge application

What is the Refinance Cashback?

Refinancing your home loan can save you money and reduce your monthly payments. Additionally, you can receive cashback when refinancing, which can amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings. Lenders offer this cash bonus when you take out a new loan. With Refinance Cashback, you can use the bonus to pay down debt, make home improvements, or save for future expenses. Cashback also helps build equity in your home and allows you to access more of your home's value when selling. Learn more about how loan refinancing with cashback can benefit you today.

What are the advantages of Refinance Cashback?

Refinance Cashback is an increasingly popular financial solution for homeowners looking to get cash back when they refinance their mortgages. This innovative option provides homeowners with additional funds without taking out another loan or tapping into their equity. Refinance Cashback is ideal for those wanting to save money on their mortgage, consolidate debt, or make home improvements.

One of the benefits of Refinance Cashback is lower interest rates. Homeowners can secure a lower interest rate and lower their monthly mortgage payment, saving money over the life of their loan. It also offers the opportunity to shorten the length of the loan term, reducing monthly payments and saving money in the long run. Refinancing with a shorter term can help pay off the mortgage faster and build equity more quickly. Loan Refinance Cashback also provides flexible repayment options, including fixed or adjustable interest rates and flexible payment plans. This allows homeowners to tailor their mortgage to fit their specific financial needs and goals. Cashback offer provides access to additional funds without taking out another loan or tapping into equity, helpful for home improvements, debt consolidation, or other expenses. Homeowners can receive cash back at closing that they can use for any purpose.

Refinance Cashback is a smart financial move for homeowners wanting to save money on their mortgage. By refinancing, securing a lower interest rate, shorter loan term, and more flexible repayment options, homeowners can save money and achieve their financial goals.

Consider comparing different home loans before committing

Selecting a lender and their product solely based on an attractive sign-up offer may not be advantageous. The allure of receiving $1,000 cashback upon taking out a loan may lose its appeal if you end up with a higher interest rate compared to what you could secure elsewhere.

As an imaginary scenario, based on the SC Brokers refinance cashback calculator, let's consider a $500,000 principal and interest loan that is repaid over a period of 30 years with monthly installments. According to the calculations, if the loan carries an interest rate of 4.75%, the borrower would end up paying an additional $84,798 in total interest compared to a loan with an interest rate of 3.95%. It's important to note that this calculation does not take into account any fees and assumes that the interest rates remain unchanged throughout the entire loan duration.

The fees imposed and the loan's features, such as the presence of an offset account or the ability to make extra repayments without penalties, can also influence the overall value of a loan with a sign-up refinance cashback offer.

It is highly recommended to conduct thorough research, compare various home loan products and lenders, and make a decision based on your specific requirements, even if a sign-up offer is not attached.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, refinancing your current loan, or purchasing your next property, SC Broker can assist you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the home loan refinance cashback options available, including fixed and variable loans for both owner-occupiers and investors, which may provide exceptional benefits.

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The amount of loan that you are able to borrow depends on your personal circumstance and the lending policies that vary between different lenders.

Banks/lenders have their own target market. A finance broker expert can assist you in deciding which bank/lender products best suits you.
Most lenders would prefer 20% deposit to complete the purchase.

However, if you could satisfy the lender's mortgage insurance (LMI), then you may be able to borrow as much as 98% LVR including LMI.
Major banks would generally waive the LMI for loans up to 95% LVR for medical practitioners.
At SC Brokers, we have banks/lenders that can waive the LMI for the above professionals for loans up to 90% LVR.
Banks in general would not allow for a second valuation to be done on the property.

SC Brokers have extensive knowledge and experience in providing finance for off-the-plan properties, whether it is an apartment, townhouse or house & land package. We ensure sufficient work is carried out at an early stage for the valuer to know better about the project to provide a better result.
At SC Brokers, we have one of the largest lender panel for you to choose from.

Our multi award-winning team will ensure that your receive the best service possible.
In Australia, most of the building contract has insurance attached to it. For example, in QLD, the QBCC will cover up to $200k for the loss.
If, in the unlikely event the builder has gone into trouble, please contact your finance broker asap to extend the construction period for the loan and send us the new building contract for valuation. Your loan, in general, will not require a re-assessment to confirm the borrowing capacity.
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