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Development Finance

Are you looking to invest in residential property development? 

Developments finance could fall under the normal residential loan process if it is less than 4 dwellings. Anything more than 4 dwellings will fall under the commercial developments category. 

2 - 4 dwellings - land subdivision or construction

  • Up to 95% LVR borrowing for building 2 houses

  • Up to 80% LVR borrowing for up to 4 houses

Medium size developments (anything over 5 dwellings)

  • Bank will lend up to 65% GRV(gross relisation value exclude GST) or 70% of costs whichever is lower

  • Non-Bank will lend up to 70% GRV (gross relisation value exclude GST) ot 85% of costs whichever is lower

  • You must meet 15% profit margin

  • Maximum loan term - 3 yrs

  • Developer requires to have some experience in property development or hires an experienced project manager

  • Interest rates are based on risk ratings

At Smarter Choice Finance Brokers, we have various banks and non-bank lenders that are specialised in development finance. Please contact one of our commercial broker for a funding table. 


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