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A Guide to Strata Insurance in Australia

In case you're sharing common spaces with others in a townhouse, unit, or apartment that you own, you wouldn't want to bear the expenses alone if there's any damage to shared areas or items. To avoid this, Strata insurance offers coverage for the building and its common areas or facilities, and the premiums are covered by the owners' corporation.


“As a strata owner, you also have a share of an unlimited liability for anything that goes wrong, which is why strata insurance is compulsory in every state and territory.”

——Strata Community Association

Who Should Consider Strata Insurance?

In every state, having Strata insurance is mandatory. Therefore, if you're a member of an owners' corporation for a townhouse, unit, flat, apartment, or duplex, the corporation must have Strata insurance. Our insurance broker can facilitate the arrangement of Strata insurance for the owners' corporation.

What Does Strata Insurance Cover?

Strata insurance has the potential to provide coverage for the building, common or shared property, as well as the contents that are owned by the owners' corporation. The specific coverage and cost will be determined by factors such as the building type, its location, and the amount of shared property.

Compulsory covers

  • Building and common contents: This covers equipment, furniture, carpets, and other items found in any shared area that falls under the responsibility of the owners' corporation. It may also provide coverage for loss of rent or temporary accommodation expenses resulting from a covered peril.

  • Public liability: Coverage pertains to instances where individuals sustain injuries while on common property.

Optional covers

  • Personal accident for voluntary workers:  This insurance policy provides compensation for any individual who is injured while performing voluntary work on behalf of the owners' corporation.

  • Office bearer's liability: Coverage pertains to claims that may arise from wrongful acts committed by office bearers.

  • Fidelity guarantee: Covers losses that may arise from the misappropriation of funds that belong to the owners' corporation.

  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown: Provides coverage for physical damage sustained by machinery or electrical items due to breakdown.

What Is Typically Excluded From Coverage?

It's important to note that exclusions, excess payments, and liability limits may differ significantly among insurers. In general, insurance policies do not cover the following:

  • Asbestos or asbestos-related materials

  • Erosion or movement of the earth

  • Certain property features, such as fencing

  • Contents located inside apartments or units.

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