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Residential Property Loans

Are you looking to buy your first home, build, renovate, refinance or invest? Applying for a suitable home or investment loan can be a lengthy and tiring process. So why not let us manage the process for you?

We compare over 30 lenders and over 500 different products from trusted Australian lenders to find you the product that best suits your needs. From time to time, we also provide loyalty rate reductions for our clients to thank them for their continued support.

Whether you are thinking of buying, actively shopping or have already found a property, our friendly consultants are here to guide you through the process. 

Getting Prequalified

Thinking of buying or investing in a property but not sure of the amount of mortgage that you qualify for? Contact us to get prequalified. It is a fast and simple process - we just need some basic information and we would be able to provide you with an estimate of how much you may be able to borrow. Starting a relationship with us now will help you save time and hassle later.

Prequalification also means that you get an opportunity to understand the different mortgage options currently available before making a decision to purchase a property.

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Tip: You may qualify to borrow more money that you originally budgeted, but this does not mean you have to spend more. Limit your property search to the amount that you are comfortable spending.    

Getting Preapproved

If you are already actively shopping for the property that you would like to buy/invest in, getting a preapproval will show the sellers that you are a serious buyer. You will also have a better idea of the estimated loan and repayment terms. 

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Tip: Preapproval is an offer for you to borrow a certain amount and does not lock you into a commitment. It does require you to provide detailed information of your finances before a preapproval can be granted.

Applying for Mortgage

Already placed an offer? Not to worry - not seeking to get prequalified/preapproved does not mean you are too late. We are here to guide you through the application process so you are fully aware of what is to be expected every step of the process.

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Be In Control 

Our premium finance and practical solutions are funded by trusted Australian lenders, so you know you can relay on them. Desinged to shift with your changing needs and circumstance, our extensive range of loans are as varied as the dreams they bring to life.

From first home buyers, renovators and those looking to refinance, through to new home builders and investors, we have helped all kinds of Australians get into the home they want. And our supportive customer service team has been there all the way. If you’re after a loan that puts you in control, we are here to assist you with the answer.

I’m a First Home Buyer

Being new to the home buying world, you might like the comfort of fixed repayments, so a fixed loan may be right for you. Or you may want the option to increase your loan amount without paying extra fees, making a variable loan more your style. Refer to the First Home Buyers Guide for more details.

I’d like to Build a New Home

Construction is completed in stages. Our lenders have construction loans that work in stages too. Rather than settling your loan for the entire cost when building starts (and paying unnecessary interest) payments are made to your builder as work is completed. Refer to the Construction Loans Guide for more details.

I’m Planning to Refinance

Would you like to consolidate your debts to make managing what you owe easier? Or pay off your home sooner with a more user-friendly loan? Perhaps you’re finally ready to turn that ‘renovator’s delight’ into the head turner it deserves to be. Whatever your refinancing needs, SC Brokers will get you there. Refer to the Refinances Guide for more details.

I want to Buy before I Sell

Bridging loan takes the stress out of buying a new home before you sell. It requires no repayments for up to 6 months (when buying an existing home) or up to 12 months (when building a new home) And it’s suitable for owner occupiers and investors. So if you’ve found your new home, but still have your old one, contact us to help you secure a bridging loan. Refer to the Bridging Loans Guide for more details.

I’m looking for Non-Resident Loans

We have helped over thousands of non-residents obtain financing for buying their Australian properties. Many large developers in Australia have appointed us as their trusted finance broker especially for non-resident loans. Refer to the Non-Resident Guide for more details.

I'm an Expat living overseas and looking to buy in Australia.

Expat Loans including permanent residents, Aus/New Zealand citizens and temporary resident visa holders. We have wide range of acceptable countries income for servicing. Refer to the Expat Guide for more details.

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