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Equipment Finance

People are often not aware that they can obtain financing for buying equipment for their businesses. Some industries need specialist equipment to operate and customers, more often than not, require those equipment to be advanced and 'state of the art'.

Here are a few tips if you are considering Equipment Finance:

Tip 1: 

To finance equipment, we often want to see the experience of the operator in the field and the type of equipment. 

Tip 2:

Financing private purchases or used equipment is as easy as financing new equipment.

Tip 3:

GST can also be financed when you don’t want to pay it out of cash.

Tip 4:

Many business owners may not have up to date taxation records for full document loans. But don’t be afraid! There are many low doc equipment finance loan options out there that SC Brokers has access to and there will always be a product for you!

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