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Bad Credit Loans


Bad credit loans are non-conforming loans that normally fail to meet the standard lending criteria of a bank or a mainstream lender. 

There could be many reasons such as – 

  1. Adverse history on the credit file

  2. Bankruptcy

  3. The security of the loan is unusual.

SC Brokers has access over 500 different products that will lend money using property as security. If you think you cannot get a loan from the mainstream lenders, please try talk to a SC Brokers specialist. 

Typical reasons for non-conforming loans – 

  1. Court judgements

  2. Late payments on existing loans

  3. Bankruptcy history

  4. Ex-bankruptcy

  5. Bad credits

  6. Paid or unpaid defaults

  7. High tax debts

  8. Arrears on bills. 

SC Brokers has helped thousands of Australians secure their loans and save thousands on interest rates. 

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